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What are Modere Trim and Burn?

Modere is everywhere on social media these days. People rave about Modere Trim and Burn. Some might wonder if it really works and if it is safe. I’ve broken down the facts to make it easier to understand.

What are Modere Trim and Burn?

Modere Trim and Modere Burn are two proprietary products that are formulated and sold by Modere. They are both intended to help with weight-loss.

While Modere Trim and Burn are similar, they do have a few differences. Modere Burn is a thermogenic product that contains plant-based ingredients that help to support increased metabolism, reduced cravings, and increased energy. It also is formulated to help maintain blood sugar levels in order to reduce cravings. The plant ingredients responsible for all of these benefits are fucoxanthin (seaweed extract), berberine (Indian barberry plant extract), chromium, olive fruit extract, coffee bean, and green tea. Modere Burn also includes Modere’s proprietary ThermoBlend, which is meant to boost calorie burning and increase energy.

Modere Trim is also meant to help maintain a healthy body weight. It combines CLA and Modere’s proprietary Collagen/HA Matrix technology to support improved muscle and skin tone. Modere Trim also supports fat metabolism and inhibits fat storage while supporting joint health, healthy hair, nails, gums, eyes, and skin. Modere Trim and Burn are both meant to help with weight loss, but Modere Trim also targets joint and skin health.

Do Modere Trim and Burn Work?

Modere Trim and Modere Burn have both been studied extensively, both for efficacy (do they do what they claim to do) and safety. Modere’s research team follows the gold standard for double-blind studies in order to get accurate results. According to Modere’s research, these products have been shown to support weight loss and enhance skin tone, and users also report increased energy.


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