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Are Modere Trim and Burn Safe?

Are Modere Trim and Burn Safe?

All beauty and weight-management products on the market must be tested by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in order to be sure that they are safe before they are available to the public. On top of FDA regulations, Modere has their own strict rules about product ingredients. They do not use any potentially harmful ingredients in any of their products. Their commitment to safety has been recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). If you have any concerns about the safety of Modere Trim and Burn and wonder if these products are right for you, then you should talk to your doctor before using them.

Award-Winning Technology

Modere Trim and Modere Burn, as well as a number of other Modere products, have won numerous industry awards. Specifically, Modere Trim was a finalist in the Pure Beauty Magazine’s 2019 awards for Best New Body Care product. It was also a finalist in Direct Selling Association’s 2018 Product Innovation Award, and it won the 2018 SupplySide West Editor’s Choice Award.

Modere also holds multiple patents for their innovative work in the health and wellness industry. They also have an impressive Scientific Advisory Board that is comprised of individuals from a variety of disciplines, including a clinical nutritionist, a board-certified physician in obesity medicine, and a board-certified plastic surgeon. Click here to learn more about Modere Trim and Modere Burn.


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