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Modere Consultants

Join Modere – Modere Consultant Signup

Interested in Joining Modere Team?

Modere Consultants can potentially earn extra income every month as well as getting free Modere Products.

How Much do Modere Consultants Earn?

Modere Consultants earn 25% commission on first level personally sponsored customers.  And then earn 10% on second level customers within their Customer Referral Pod.

**Note:  To earn these commission rates you must be enrolled as a Social Marketer and NOT as a customer.  Social Marketers have a different referral link that tracks referrals and commissions. 

How to Join Modere as a Consultant

To signup as a Modere Consultant you first need an upline or referring distributor.  Your upline will have a distributor ID that you use to signup.  This ID puts you within your uplines organization and together you work to grow your Modere Business.

Wellness-Essence Distributor ID:  1522431

3 Steps to Signup as a Modere Consultant

Select your favorite XM or Basic enrollment collection below (optional). For the best value, we recommend you choose one of our XM Launch Collections. Each XM launch collection is specially curated to provide a targeted range of best selling Modere products. Your purchase of an XM Collection also earns you a spot in the exclusive XMONE program that includes these incredible rewards:
  • $200 in product credits, redeemable over the next 4 months
  • One free ticket to the next Modere Social Retail Conference or Modere Fall Social Marketing Summit (up to $200 value)
  • Eligibility to earn a Modere Experience (up to $400 value) through the XMONE program
  • 500 qualification points for more rapid advancement
The Social Marketer enrollment fee of $39.99 is automatically added to your cart. With this required fee, you’ll be eligible to earn commissions via the Modere Compensation Plan

Build your recurring monthly SmartShip order of 75 points or more to be auto-qualified to earn commissions. You will not be billed for your SmartShip order until the date you select on this page. You may edit or cancel at any time.

Save 5% with 1-4 different items on your SmartShip.
Save 10% with 5-7 different items on your SmartShip.
Save 15% and get free shipping with 8+ different items on your SmartShip.

If you’re an existing customer, check the box and enter your login credentials. Enter your sponsor’s referral number, then your personal information as you’d like it to appear on your Social Marketer account. Include your valid payment information (be sure to select “save this credit card” to ensure your annual renewal fee of $39.99 will be conveniently charged automatically) and check out to complete your enrollment. Et voilà!

Modere Consultant Benefits

Modere Compensation Plan

Customer Acquisition Side

The customer acquisition side you earn commissions by promoting and selling Modere products.  The more products you help sell the higher your commisionable volume becomes and the more you get paid. 

Customer Pod (Active Customers) – Customers buying from your business line

Daily Pay – Make sale today get paid tomorrow

CP – Customer Point value for purchase.  Is used to track promoter level

CV – Commissionable Volume

Live Clean Product Credit – Credits awarded for retail sale and are used so you can buy your own free Modere products

Team Building Side

The team building side earns commissions when you help signup new team members to promote and sell Modere products.  You earn a commission on their sales as well as your sales.

Title – Builder Level

Legs – Lines of business or teams within  your organization

Modere Compensation Plan

Customer Acquisition Side

Team Building Side


Interested in Joining Modere Team?

Modere Consultants can potentially earn extra income every month as well as getting free Modere Products.

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