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Modere Business Login

Modere Login Pages

Modere has 2 login pages.  1 for customer purchases and 1 for social marketers.

Modere Business Login Page

Modere Back Office is the Business Login page for Social Marketers or Independent Distributors to check how their business is doing.  Pretty much everything required to run your Modere business is included in shiftingretail back office portal.

Back Office Tools

  • Business Dashboard
  • Commissions
  • Volumes
  • Payouts
  • Reports
  • Customer Details
  • Orders
  • Promo Materials
  • Training

Modere Customer Login Page

Customer login page is where your direct your potential customers to purchase Modere products.  You have a special referral link that attributes you as the referral for each customer that purchases.  This is how Modere attributes volume and commissions. 

To get your referral link you need to login to shiftingretail and navigate to “my profile”.  In the box with your avatar and name will be a referral link. 

For example:


Interested in Joining Modere Team?

Can potentially earn extra income every month as well as getting free Modere Products.

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