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Modere Commission Eligibility

First : Check if  you are commission eligible in back office.  To be commission qualified you need either 150 AP or 75 personal order volume. 

Modere Back Office

Second : Check that your Hyperwallet pay account is setup. For hyperwallet setup you will receive an email from Modere to setup your hyperwallet account when you first get a commission for the first time. If you do not receive an email you can contact Modere to resend the setup email.

Modere Hyperwallet :

To be commission qualified you need either:
150 AP or 75 Personal Order Volume.

AP points increase from every sale you refer.  Combined point value of purchases by a social marketer and points from their new customers first purchases. 
75 personal order volume would be a personal order for Modere products.  To place order for 75 Volume use the Add items to SmartShip from Modere back office.  


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