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Modere Carb Blocker – For Weight Loss

Modere Carb Blocker – For Weight Loss

The Modere Carb Blocker is marketed to help you manage your weight while still being able to eat as many carbs as you want, but that sounds too good to be true, right? Well, let’s dive into what the supplement is, its ingredients, relevant research, and real people results to gauge your expectations.

Modere Carb Blocker Overview

While not directly marketed as a weight loss solution, Modere Carb Blocker can be used as a dietary supplement to help users lose weight if they ingest carbs too often, but don’t use enough energy in the day to break them down. 

That said, this product is not intended to work as a fat-burning solution or for use to significantly reduce weight. Instead, it is more likely to yield results in weight management as it helps to suppress hunger and block the excess absorption of carbohydrates. For the best results, an individual should take the allotted serving suggestion before meals.


Most dietary supplements list their ingredients as a proprietary blend, meaning a combination of substances comprises the resulting product, but their quantities remain unknown to the user. 

Without specific quantities, it’s difficult to gauge how much of a substance you might ingest and what that amount or ingredient might do to your body. However, upon closer inspection, we were able to find that Modere Carb Blocker consists of:

  • Hibiscus
  • White Kidney Bean Extract (WKBE)
  • Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (HPMC)
  • Stearic Acid and Silicon Dioxide (additives for substance, not performance)

Ingredients Effects

Even though you don’t receive exact strengths for each ingredient, you can still determine how ingesting them might affect your body. 


The hibiscus flower has various reported health benefits such as lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, and it’s rich in antioxidants. A recent randomized control trial for hibiscus extract’s effects found that the substance has a metabolic-regulating effect when given in measured doses. 

Individuals with Diabetes should either stay away from hibiscus ingredients or monitor their blood sugar levels closely when taking since the plant may decrease blood pressure and blood sugar levels. 

Similarly, people taking other medications should not ingest hibiscus for medicinal or weight loss means as there is not enough research on the plant and its interactions with other medications. 


WKBE is commonly sought after or marketed as a weight-loss supplement. Through research and various studies, scientists found WKBE to inhibit weight gain and control blood sugar levels. However, it also comes with some side effects when taken in unmeasured doses or depending on your body’s sensitivity, including nausea, gas, bloating, and diarrhea. 

It is not intended for long-term usage, as there has not been extensive research on the extract’s extended use.  


HPMC is a synthetically modified version of cellulose. It’s FDA approved because it shows no significant effects when ingested. Its purpose in Modere Carb Blocker is purely for substance rather than weight loss.

Studies on Ingredients

When purchasing dietary supplements with the promise of reducing or losing weight, it’s crucial to look into the studies that scientists have conducted on the ingredients. 

If there is no scientific data to back up the ingredients, it’s not likely to work and you should spend your money elsewhere. Below, you’ll find recent and relevant studies concerning the effects of hibiscus and WKBE on body composition. 


A study about Hibiscus’ effect on metabolic regulation and liver-protecting potential concerning obesity found that hibiscus extract can reduce or prevent weight gain and lower body fat. Over 12 weeks, researchers compared a control group with an experimental group taking regular doses of hibiscus extract. 

The substance acted similar to anti-obesity medications in that it breaks down fats that the body might otherwise not. The study also found that hibiscus extract improved liver steatosis, otherwise known as fatty liver.  


Scientists, during animal trials, have tested the effects of WBKE on metabolic regulation, weight loss, and body composition. In one study, scientists used two groups of mice. 

One group was repeatedly fed 50 mg of WKBE alongside a high-fat content diet, while the other only received the high-fat content meals. After 98 days, the study found that the group receiving WKBE yielded reduced weight gain and internal abdominal fat accumulation.

In another study, researchers delayed giving the group of mice receiving a high-fat content diet WKBE until after 77 days. The experimental group did not show significant weight loss reduction compared to the control arm, which received a normal diet. The experimental group also received medications related to treating hyperglycemia. 

However, during the days following the initial 77 of the trial–as the mice continued to receive WKBE–the experimental group showed a significant reduction in weight loss and increased metabolic regulation compared to the control group.

Real People Results

Combining two tested weight-loss supplements–WKBE, and hibiscus–to create one carb-blocking dietary supplement, the expectations for significant results during individual use are high. However, the studies conducted on the ingredients separately do not speak to the combination’s efficacy. 

There have not been trials focusing on the Modere Carb Blocker specifically but carb blockers in general. Research has shown that carb blockers involving a combination of WKBE and hibiscus extract have helped individuals–over eight weeks–lose nearly four pounds on average. 

Studies comparing a placebo group with an experimental group receiving the supplement did not see a significant difference. Concluding a trial involving subjects taking the supplement alongside a normal, balanced diet, the supplement did not yield significant results either

Therefore, expectations for weight loss with Modere Carb Blocker should not be kept especially high. You should not use it as a cure or singular treatment for weight loss. Instead, you should use it in combination with other healthy lifestyle choices, such as exercising and eating better. Before taking the supplement, you should also assess your dietary profile as significant weight loss is unlikely.  

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