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Modere Vital Review – The Mediterranean Diet in a Pill

Modere Vital – The Mediterranean Diet in a Pill

Absolutely necessary! Modere Vital lives up to its definition. This incredible nutritional supplement is magical and transfers all of the Mediterranean Diet’s health benefits in a simple pill. Channeling the heart, brain, and full-body health benefits that have been researched and demonstrated by the Mediterranean diet, Modere Vital has simplified health by providing a one-stop, all-inclusive health supplement.

What is the Mediterranean Diet? 

The Mediterranean diet focuses on heart health by mimicking the diet and flavors of the Mediterranean Diet. Beginning in the 1960s, scientists began to notice and study the effects of heart disease and death in the United States. Research soon discovered that individuals living in Mediterranean countries, like Greece and Italy, suffered fewer heart-related health complications than people in the United States. 

Since those findings were published, the Mediterranean diet soared in popularity and effectiveness. Notably, the World Health Organization recognized the Mediterranean diet as one of the best nutritional plans. While no detailed definition for the diet exists, those who practice the Mediterranean diet eat lots of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, nuts, and olive oil.

One primary focus of the Mediterranean diet is the ingestion of healthy fats, which appear in the diet most often as olive oil and certain types of fish, like salmon, mackerel, or sardines, which contain beneficial omega-3 fatty acids.

Professor Kate Walters of the University College London said that “nutrition is thought to play a crucial role in developing frailty and we found that the Mediterranean diet may help older individuals maintain muscle strength, activity, weight, and energy levels.”  

However, always eating within the boundaries of the Mediterranean diet can be expensive and burdensome, which is why Modere – a science-based health and wellness company – created Vital, a supplement that replicates the benefits of the Mediterranean diet in a pill. 

How does Modere Vital replicate the Mediterranean Diet?

Modere Vital includes resveratrol, lycopene, and olive pulp, all of which are critical elements of the Mediterranean diet. By taking Modere Vital, the benefits of eating fish, olive oil, and other traditional Mediterranean dishes occurs while simultaneously allowing nutritional flexibility.

When preparing foods for a family or meeting friends for dinner in a restaurant, it can be challenging to stick to a restrictive diet. It is clear that the Mediterranean diet is effective in improving heart health, so taking Modere Vital provides supportive heart health and allows for food spontaneity. 

The benefits of Modere Vital do not end with heart health. Indeed, choosing Modere Vital promotes healthy cholesterol levels. Usually, high cholesterol is attributed to both genetics and lifestyle. The Mediterranean diet promotes consuming foods low in saturated fat and sugars, which typically contribute to high cholesterol. Because of the unique combination of ingredients in Modere Vital, the same cholesterol-lowering properties of the Mediterranean diet are present. 

The science-based development of Modere Vital led to the inclusion of Hidrox® Olive Pulp Extract, a phytonutrient formulated with resveratrol and lycopene. Olive pulp has been extensively studied, and research has been published explaining the anti-inflammatory benefits of orally taking olive pulp. 

Additionally, the health benefits of resveratrol include bolstering brain function and lowering blood pressure. More specifically, resveratrol is a plant compound that acts as an antioxidant. Researchers have found that resveratrol’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory components can lead to improved cognitive function as a person ages. Keith Fargo, Ph.D., director of scientific programs and outreach for the Alzheimer’s Association, explains, “The brain is a very hungry organ. To supply all of those nutrients and oxygen, you have to have a rich blood supply. So, people who are having any problems with their vascular health are really at increased risk for developing problems with their brain, and then that frequently will present itself as cognitive decline.” Modere Vital is directly addressing this phenomenon. 

Furthermore, lycopene has sundry health benefits like improved heart health to protection against some types of cancers. The perfectly proportioned blend of ingredients makes Modere Vital a rare gem in a market full of supplements claiming to improve heart health and reduce inflammation. 

What to expect after trying Modere Vital? 

Like the benefits associated with the Mediterranean diet, taking the Modere Vital supplement leads to naturally increased energy levels. A person’s energy levels can be impacted due to fat composition or added sugars in some foods. The Mediterranean diet takes this into account and asks individuals to limit the intake of those energy-draining foods. Modere Vital has also accounted for how foods impact energy levels and has included ingredients that counteract sluggishness and stabilize energy levels. 

Furthermore, Modere Vital provides antioxidant support for your body. Antioxidants are elements that prevent cell destruction caused by free radicals, unstable molecules produced by the body as a reaction to the environment or external stressors. The Mediterranean diet increases dietary antioxidants. Pulling from the composition of the foods included in the Mediterranean diet, Modere Vital uses similar properties to replicate the antioxidant benefits in the multifunctional supplement. 

Modere Vital creates stable energy and enables your body to develop natural defenses to free radicals by increasing antioxidant concentrations in the body. Paired with Modere Vital, an increase in physical activity can help you reach your wellness goals. Due to the increased energy provided by Moder Vital, moving your body might come more alluring, which can translate to weight loss or increased mobility. When we feel healthier internally, that positive momentum propels us to feel better mentally and physically. 

Invest in your Health

Adding Modere Vital to your supplement regime can support heart health, increase energy, and reduce radicals by boosting your antioxidant intake. Life makes adhering to strict dietary limitations difficult, but with Modere Vital, we can enjoy the many health benefits the Mediterranean diet offers. 

Investing in your health is a priority, especially as we age. Taking one supplement that can support both the heart and the brain is an easy health-preserving choice. By studying the advantages of the Mediterranean diet and devising a supplement that models those effects, Modere Vital works for you as an overall health booster. 

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