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Modere Lean Body System User Guide

How does the Lean Body System work?

The Modere Lean Body System  consists of a three-part nutritional supplements program and three lifestyle modifications. The combination of lifestyle modifications and weight loss supplements expedites weight reduction and body recomposition.

When it comes to obtaining your ideal weight, it is not simply about the number on the scale. However, you must also consider your body composition, which is the ratio of fat to muscle in your body.

Combining Trim, Burn, and Activate technologies, the Modere Lean Body System reshapes your body in six ways*:

  • Enhance fat-burning metabolic rate*
  • Block fat transport*
  • Impede fat uptake
  • Reduce fat cell size and development, enhance muscular tone and body composition.

The Lean Body System consists of three items:

Modere TrimReduces fat cell production using conjugated linoleic acid and proprietary Collagen/HA Matrix Technology. Utilize one spoonful each morning.

Modere BurnIncreases metabolism, burns more calories, and may assist in maintaining blood sugar levels, hence lowering cravings. One capsule should be taken three times per day.

Modere Activate: aids digestion, revitalizes cellular health, and removes pollutants. Use before bed on three consecutive days each month.


Modere Lean Body System Before and After

Modere Lean Body System Product List

Modere Activate:

Start your month by combining one stick pack of Activate with 8 oz of water on three consecutive days.

Activate is a monthly cleanse made with natural, plant-based components like aloe vera, apple pectin, and psyllium seed husk to remove toxins and revitalize cellular health.

The best part is that no fasting is required. For a mild cleaning experience, we recommend using Activate in the evenings.

Modere Burn

Take one Burn capsule three times a day, with a full glass of water and a meal or snack.

Burn is a thermogenic, which means it stimulates your metabolism through cellular heat generation, a process known as thermogenic metabolism.

Modere suggests taking the first capsule with breakfast, then a second capsule 3-4 hours later with a morning snack or lunch, and one final pill 3-4 hours later with an afternoon snack.

This will enhance your daily calorie burn and energy levels.

Modere Trim:

Every morning, take one tablespoon of Trim. Trim can be eaten alone or mixed into coffee, a smoothie, or any other healthy morning item you want.

This award-winning solution contains CLA to help with muscle tone and fat metabolism, as well as proprietary Liquid BioCell Collagen to help with joint and muscle fitness and connective tissue health.

Trim comes in four delectable flavors: chocolate, coconut lime, vanilla, and lemon.

How to Use: Modere Lean Body System




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