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Modere Collagen Sciences Review – Does Collagen Work?

Modere Collagen Sciences Review - Does Collagen Work?

Beauty and health supplements are a booming industry, and perhaps the most popular among them is collagen. But what is it, and is it worth the hype? Does collagen work, and if so, how?

Collagen, a major protein, is an essential building block of the human body that slows in production as we age. Introducing new collagen to replace what your body can no longer make, not only improves your skin, nails, and hair. It also combats the more significant effects of aging like issues with bone, joint, and skin health.

Here’s what you need to know about collagen and its role in your health.

What is Collagen?

Named for the Greek word meaning “glue”, collagen is a protein used by the human body for structure and support in the skeletal and muscular systems. Collagen uses long fibers that pack together to connect and anchor cells. It’s found naturally in the foods that we eat, including eggs, meats, and bone broths (1).

Exogenous or synthetic collagen (which comes from outside sources such as food) has many uses across the medical field, from cosmetic fillers to prosthetic construction for the vascular system.  It has, in recent years, also become extremely popular in the health and beauty industries for its revitalizing effects, relative safety, and easy supplementation.

Types of Collagen

Though there are roughly 16 unique variations of collagen, only around three to five of them are commonly used as supplements in the beauty industry.

  • Type I

Type I collagen is the most abundant. Structured with densely packed fibers, it’s a major building block for things like teeth, bones, connective tissue, cartilage, and skin.

  • Type II

Type II collagen is not as strong as Type I. Its function is more to provide elasticity to cartilage and cushion joints, allowing you to have a full range of motion.

  • Type III

Type III collagen is in internal organs, the circulatory system, and certain muscle groups. It provides much-needed structure and support to facilitate regular function.

How Do Collagen Supplements Work?

Collagen supplements are most effective when taken as a pill, powder, or combined with food. This is because normal collagen molecules are too large to be effectively absorbed through the skin and is better absorbed internally in the body.

To create these ingestible supplements collagen breaks down into shorter molecular chains called peptides (or hydrolyzed collagen), which are combined with amino acids and other vitamins and minerals to boost its effects. These shorter chains are water-soluble, making them easier to not only ingest (by dissolving them in a drink or food) but for your body to take in.

When taken, the individual molecules in the supplement dissolve, and where the digestive system absorbs them. Here the collagen transforms into larger chains and redistributes itself through your body as self-created collagen would. With consistent use, results can begin to appear in a few weeks.

The Science Behind Collagen

The scientific benefits of naturally-produced and synthetic collagen have been well known for quite some time. Research now focuses on efficacy as an over-the-counter health and beauty supplement. So far, the results are positive.

The Harvard School of Public Health released information on the potential benefits of collagen as a supplement for joint and skin health in May of 2021. According to them, research is currently still relatively thin on the ground. There is potential for collagen to be a safe and effective treatment for many age-related cosmetic and health issues.

A study from 2019 stated that maintaining an increase in collagen peptide consumption can lead to various improvements in health. Among these were protein substitution and its benefits in replacing natural collagen production lost due to aging. The researchers also noted that you can take these supplements without throwing off the balance of their participants’ intake of amino acids.

Another study, also from 2019, concluded that oral collagen supplements benefited the hydration capacity, and dermal density of the skin. Confirming collagen as an effective anti-aging agent when combined with proper skincare and diet.

These researchers found minimal negative effects when taking standard collagen supplements, leading many of them to deem it a safe and effective product. The FDA has yet to approve collagen supplements, though several are in the review process.

Benefits of Collagen

Now that you know what it is and what it does, here are the specific benefits of collagen.

Skin and Hair

As you age, the structural collagen below the surface of your skin starts to destabilize, leading to a breakdown in the composition of skin that results in wrinkles and sagging. In your hair, these structures break down to the point that hair becomes brittle and breakable. This is especially true if you are often exposed to sunlight or aren’t very well hydrated.

Taking collagen supplements improves the elasticity of your skin. Making it more flexible and capable of retaining moisture. Collagen supplements help it look younger and healthier. These supplements can also make your hair stronger and healthier by providing structural support that prevents breakage.


As with many other parts of your body, your eyes have a structure that contains collagen. With aging comes the natural breakdown of this structure which leads to issues such as cataracts or age-related macular degeneration (AMD). These issues are irreversible when the diagnosis isn’t on time.

Taking a collagen supplement can help reform that structural support, slowing the progression of these and other genetic conditions and helping you to protect your sight for as long as possible.


Having lower collagen levels in your nails can lead to flaking or breaking, which can be uncomfortable at the least. Collagen supplements help to strengthen your nails. Allowing them to grow healthier and longer without the worry of them cracking or breaking. This is especially important if you paint them frequently.


Collagen improves the structural quality of the cartilage in the body, especially Type II collagen. It can even rebuild cartilage that’s worn down due to old age or diseases such as arthritis. This is especially helpful in your joints, where the wearing down of cartilage can cause painful friction in the bodies cartilage.

Collagen Pros and Cons

Collagen as a supplement is popular but occasionally detracted as a fad or even as a potential danger. To clear up confusion regarding its use, here are some more important benefits and some of the risks of using collagen to consider.


Collagen is a relatively safe and easy-to-use supplement. Not only are there very few reported side effects, and none of them particularly severe, there has also been recent research into its use as a treatment for certain conditions such as leaky gut syndrome and arthritis.

The protein is naturally occurring, so it doesn’t need complex synthesizing in a lab, and has a quick procedure, meaning that you’ll see results in a shorter period. It’s a great way to support a weight loss journey while also paying attention to your aesthetic needs.

Additionally, many collagen supplement products include a tailored formula of other essential vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, zinc, and biotin. 

This additional support can help improve your overall health and may mean that you can reduce the overall number of supplements you take in a day. Having an all-in-one product makes taking care of your health more convenient.


Because collagen converts into gelatin when processed, it may cause an allergic reaction in some people. It can also cause some mild heartburn and a sense of heaviness after ingestion. 

Another problem with collagen supplementation is the lack of options for those with restricted diets. Most collagen sources aren’t vegetarian or vegan friendly, and they can cause issues for those with sensitivities to certain meats.

Finally, collagen supplements tend to be on the more expensive end of health supplements and are usually found only in specialty supply stores for beauty, health, and fitness or online, which means incurring shipping costs as well. This is becoming less true as the supplements become more common, but may still be an issue in some places.

Modere Patented Collagen Awards

Modere has been producing high-quality collagen supplement products for more than 30 years. With scientifically-backed formulations and a dedication to clean labels, Modere assures its customers that they’re receiving safe, effective, and practical products with every purchase. You don’t have to just take their word for it, though.

Modere’s family of collagen supplement products has been globally recognized as an industry leader. They’ve received EPA Safer Choice and EWG Verified certifications, as well as a nod in the 2020 Beauty Shortlist Awards. 

They also awarded them the “Green & Gorgeous” Editor’s Choice Award. Some of the individual products have earned recognition from such top organizations as CBS, Fox News, Good Morning America, and Pure Beauty Magazine.

It’s not just the products winning awards. The company’s CEO, Asma Ishaq, is in 2021 Forbes Top 10 Transformative CEO and the NutraChampion 2020. The company itself was third on the top 50 list from the Women President’s Organization and JP Morgan Chase and ranked as the number one fastest-growing company of the group.

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