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Modere Pure Vanilla Meal Replacement

Modere Pure Vanilla Meal Replacement is a vegetarian blend that combines all of the required carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins to make complete, well-rounded meals for low-calorie diets, whether for on-the-go convenience or to help with personal weight loss objectives.

• Vitamin complex delivers vital nutrients for a well-rounded meal • Pea protein isolate provides a complete spectrum of amino acids to help boost muscle synthesis and recovery after exercise

• Natural vanilla taste • Convenient, mixable powder recipe easily dissolves in milk or water

Formulated with pea protein, our Vanilla Meal Replacement shake provides important nutrients you’ll find in a well-rounded meal. Plus, the natural vanilla flavor makes each serving a delicious treat.

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Modere Pure Vanilla Meal Replacement

Whether you’re trying to shed a few obstinate pounds or have a busy, active lifestyle that prevents you from eating a balanced diet, our Pure Vanilla Meal Replacement was created with you in mind.

Much more than your ordinary protein shake, our comprehensive blend of protein, vitamins, carbs, and fats means you may consider this shake a complete meal rather than simply a post-workout supplement.

It’s also suitable for vegetarians.
You get the superb nutrition you need with the delightful, naturally sweetened vanilla flavor you want thanks to a combination of vegetable protein, honey powder, and vitamins.

Modere Pure Vanilla Meal Replacement may give your body exactly what it needs in a handy, delicious smoothie, from supporting your weight reduction objectives to helping you squeeze proper nutrition into an already-packed schedule.
  • Formulated with pea protein, which can help delay hunger
  • Our vegetarian, gluten-free & dairy-free protein powder formula is great for special diets
  • 6 grams of net carbs per serving
  • Excellent source of fiber
  • Easily blends with milk or water, or try adding almond milk and your favorite fruits & veggies for tasty meal replacement variations
  • Pea protein isolate provides a comprehensive blend of amino acids to support muscle synthesis & recovery after exercise
  • Delicious natural vanilla flavor
  • Vegetable protein & vitamin complex provides the needed nutrients for a well-rounded meal

Discover beauty from the inside out to feel revitalized, look your best and live clean.

Modere Pure Vanilla Meal Replacement
Modere Pure Vanilla Meal Replacement


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