Modere Pure Chocolate Whey Protein

Naturally packed with Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), our delicious Pure Chocolate Whey Protein powder promotes lean muscle growth† and recovery.*



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  • Provides 20+ grams of protein with 5 grams of naturally-occurring BCAAs per serving
  • The gluten-free, soy-free formula is great for special diets
  • No artificial preservatives, sweeteners, colors or flavors
  • Contains ultra-filtered whey protein, which speeds up amino acid delivery to muscles immediately after exercise & is more easily absorbed by the body
  • Non-GMO
  • The enzyme-assisted formula promotes comfortable digestion
  • Available as an easy-to-use powder – simply scoop & enjoy

Make tasty post-workout protein shakes with our Chocolate Whey Protein to build muscle† and live clean.

†When used in conjunction with resistance exercise.

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Modere Pure Chocolate Whey Protein
Modere Pure Chocolate Whey Protein


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