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Modere Omega 3

Our Omega 3 is made with quality fish oil derived from anchovy, mackerel, clupeidae, and tilapia. Every serving works to support circulatory health, cognitive performance and normal, healthy triglyceride levels.*


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Contains 1000mg of fish oil to provide essential fatty acids
Formulated with 180mg of EPA to promote circulatory health*
Made with 120mg of DHA to support cognitive performance & overall brain health*
Encourages maintenance of healthy triglyceride levels already within normal range*
Promotes the natural gastrointestinal tract processes for healthier living*
Easy-to-take softgels
Provides 133% of the recommended daily value of vitamin E
Take Omega 3 to help keep your body functioning well and live clean.*


Modere Omega 3
Modere Omega 3


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