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Modere Energy Shot (12 Pack)

Skip the crash, and go for this incredible super fruit blend instead. On top of being packed with all-natural fruit, the Energy Shot gives you a burst of vivacity while also providing key nutrients.*


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‘- Increases alertness*
– Supports a healthy metabolism*
– Keeps you going stronger, longer without crashing
– Helps the body’s thermogenic process*
– Provides your body with powerful vitamin B1
– Non-GMO
– 100% plant-derived energy
– No artificial flavors or sweeteners
– Formulated with 11 fruits
-Provides long-lasting, steady energy with just half the caffeine of the leading brand

Our pure liquid supplement provides naturally energizing fruit and clean caffeine to help you live clean*


Modere Energy Shot (12 Pack)
Modere Energy Shot (12 Pack)


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