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Modere Vigor – Restores Youthful Vigor

Modere Vigor – Restores Youthful Vigor

Who wouldn’t like to discover the Fountain of Youth? As we age, our energy continually wanes, leaving us fatigued more quickly and unable to perform at the level we once achieved.

While there may not be a literal Fountain of Youth, some products on the market claim to restore some of that youthful energy. Modere Vigor is one of these products.

About the Brand

Modere is a health and wellness company that produces dietary supplements, skincare applications, and other household, health, and beauty products marketed through ecommerce and direct-to-consumer channels.

Modere has won various awards in the industry, including Best Weight Management and Best Anti-Aging Product in 2019. Forbes has also named the company as a Top 10 Health and Beauty Ecommerce Brand.

Modere produces all their products in the U.S.; they consist of “clean,” natural products with no controversial chemicals or compounds.

What Is Modere Vigor?

Modere Vigor is a food supplement marketed as a clean lifestyle solution to restore youthful vigor and overall well-being by supporting the anti-aging process, antioxidant capacity, and cellular health.

Is Modere Vigor Safe?

Modere Vigor is safe for most consumers. However, the ingredients in this dietary supplement can cause allergic reactions in some users, so use caution.

Modere Vigor Ingredients

●     Microcrystalline Cellulose

●     Fo-Ti Root Extract

●     Maltodextrin

●     Croscarmellose Sodium

●     Stearic Acid

●     Silicon Dioxide

●     Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose

●     Methylcellulose

●     Caramel Color

●     Medium Chain Triglycerides

●     Glycerin

Ingredient Effects

The active ingredient in Modere Vigor is Polygonum multiflorum root extract, known in North America as Fo-Ti root. This herb originated in China and is traditionally known as a curative for the aging process. It also treats constipation, hair loss, cancer, heart disease, memory problems, and various skin conditions.

Studies on Ingredients

A survey on Fo-Ti root studies reveals that the herb offers several therapeutic and biological benefits, including anti-alopecia, anti-atherosclerotic, antibacterial, antidiabetic, antitumor, anti-HIV, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, liver protection, and nephroprotection properties.

Studies have also concluded that Fo-Ti root effectively prevents or treats cardiovascular diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, and hyperlipidemia.

According to clinical studies, Fo-Ti root is especially effective as an anti-inflammatory remedy. The properties of Fo-Ti root also aid in the distribution, biosynthesis, transfer, and removal of total cholesterol (TC), triglyceride (TG), low-density lipoprotein (LDL), high-density lipoprotein (HDL), and other lipoproteins.

Different parts of the plant provide various remedies. The leaves, rhizomes, and root tubers are the most efficacious for anti-aging properties, while the stem helps treat insomnia and the symptoms of diabetes.

Who Should Use Modere Vigor?

Any consumer of middle age or older who is not allergic to its active ingredient (Fo-Ti root) and needs a natural, chemical-free energy boost should try Modere Vigor.

Potential Side Effects

Fo-Ti root is generally a safe substance for a food supplement, but it can have specific unpleasant side effects, including nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, and abdominal pain. In consumers allergic to Fo-Ti root, it can cause rashes, hives, and other skin conditions. Some studies indicate that overdosing on Fo-Ti root for an extended period can lead to liver damage. 

The Pros

●     All-natural product

●     Reasonable price

●     Produced by a well-respected company

●     Fo-Ti root has a long history of medicinal use

The Cons

●     Can cause allergic reactions in some consumers

●     More clinical studies of Fo-Ti root needed

●     Overuse can result in kidney damage

How to Take Modere Vigor

The recommended dosage of Modere Vigor is two tablets twice a day.

Modere Vigor Review: What Real Users Say

Many of Modere Vigor’s users rave about its effects. Here are a few reviews posted on Modere Vigor’s webpage.

After a lot of searching, I have found it! Energy and so healthy for you! I do notice a big difference where with other products I didn’t. SOLD!

-Jodie Thornton

This product gives me that extra push I need to get through the day.

-Paulino Aguayo

Just started using this product and I’m already noticing benefits! More clarity with a dash of extended endurance I really appreciate.


My husband used this for a month and he loves it! Could tell a difference within a few days. His mood, energy, and sex drive has increased.

-Brittaney Henson

One of the best supplements for energy, never jittery never tired any more.

-Ben Kim

Gives you that pep in your step.


I love Vigor…it has helped me with good energy throughout the day. Great product. It doesn’t affect my blood pressure at all. I would recommend.

-Melissa Zawislak

I love Vigor!! I’m not feeling rundown after working eight hours. I still have plenty of energy to come home and cook or even go shopping.

-Kristy Reeves

Very pleased with this product. My wife and I both use it.


When feeling good meets feeling good about what you put in your body. Vigor is quality at a great price and helps you maintain that spunky feeling throughout the day.


This contains Fo-Ti root EXTRACT which is much better than what my local store sells. My friends would like to buy some as well. This is a very good price for good quality. Always look for root extract and not just root.


I love Vigor. It does what the name says. I feel much younger than my actual age. My husband and I both LOVE this product and the results it provides.


Where to Buy Modere Vigor

Modere Vigor is only available from Modere’s online store.

Final Thoughts

Modere Vigor is an all-natural product containing no controversial chemicals or compounds. Its active ingredient, Fo-Ti root extract, has been used for centuries to treat many disorders, including skin conditions, stomach issues, insomnia, and hair loss.

Clinical studies also indicate that it may help treat other conditions such as diabetes, HIV, cardiovascular diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, and hyperlipidemia.

Overuse of Fo-Ti root extract can result in diarrhea or liver damage, and consumers who are allergic to this herb can suffer from various skin conditions. However, it should be safe for any users who are not allergic to the active ingredient if they only take the prescribed amount.


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