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Modere Collagen

What Is Collagen?

Collagen is a protein that operates as critical connective glue that helps maintain cells and tissue in the body. It’s the most abundant structural protein in animals. It has been consumed by humans medicinally for thousands of years and more recently has become a trend in the skincare industry for its ability to reverse the visible signs of aging.

The healthcare sector has utilized collagen and collagen-based materials to combat damaged cells for over 50 years. Doctors use collagen and collagen products for their restorative impact on skin that has been damaged by burns.

Therefore, you could be leaving valuable opportunities on the table for your skincare goals by neglecting your collagen intake.

What Are the Benefits of Collagen?

Modere collagen is unique because it toes the line between nutrients and pharmaceuticals. The benefits of taking collagen supplements are as follows: 

  • First, higher collagen levels have a well-established relationship with healthier-looking skin. Skin moisture and elasticity increased in clinical trials for Liquid BioCell, while wrinkles faded. 
  • Clinical trials also measured increases in hyaluronic acid levels, which is a compound that promotes moist skin. Studies also demonstrated reductions of the enzyme hyaluronidase, which ages skin.
  • Additionally, collagen has similar benefits for hair and nails. Studies have shown it can restore hair coverage and thickness, and collagen supplements cause faster nail growth and stronger nails. However, the benefits do not stop at cosmetics.
  • Clinical trials have shown measurable improvements in joint pain and mobility after being treated with Liquid BioCell. Research suggests that collagen could cause the cartilage cells to restore lost collagen production.
  • Liquid BioCell collagen from Modere collagen is proven to increase collagen and hyaluronic acid content in subjects during clinical testing. Without modification, collagen molecules are too large and are digested instead of absorbed into the body. 

Some brands of collagen supplements are ineffective because their ingestible collagen cannot be absorbed. Liquid BioCell Collagen uses hydrolysis to break down the molecules to ensure absorption.

Before and After

Before taking supplements, collagen deficiency can cause superficial degradation and physical pain. Modere Collagen supports the skin, so loss leads to wrinkles and sagging. An essential element of cartilage is collagen. When there is insufficient or ineffective cartilage in the body, people experience joint, tendon, and ligament points.

After taking collagen, study participants experienced healthier hair, nails, and skin. Nails and hair become shinier, while the skin becomes more elastic and youthful. Collagen also restores mobility and limits joint pain.

Modere Liquid Biocell LIfe – Before and After

Effects of Lost Collagen

Collagen loss is the primary internal factor that leads to visible aging. Deficiency will cause the skin to lose elasticity and lack moisture. Cartilage is dependent on collagen to be effective, so loss increases joint, tendon, and ligament pain.

Individuals with collagen deficiency can experience a wide range of symptoms due to the protein’s essential role in cellular function. Humans naturally lose at least 1% of their collagen every year after age 20.

The loss rate from aging alone can cause significant drops in collagen rates over time. However, collagen decline can be systematically exacerbated by other factors like exposure to the sun, smoking, diet, and stress. 

Even if you’re feeling well, collagen supplements could address problems you didn’t even know you had. The molecule’s abundance and importance in the human body should make preventing declines or restoring losses a top self-care priority.

Furthermore, collagen is essential to connective tissue in the digestive tract. Loss causes sensitivity to common foods and chronic digestive discomfort. These symptoms then become progressively worse with age. Decreased collagen levels can also cause reductions in hair coverage and thickness, as well as causing nails to become thinner and more fragile.

How To Restore Lost Collagen

One way to restore lost collagen is with Liquid BioCell, a hydrolyzed liquid biocell collagen supplement, that restores collagen levels in the body from the inside out. What makes Liquid Biocell effective is it undergoes Hydrolysis which is used to process the collagen to ensure maximum bioavailability, making consumption efficient and easy. 

Clinical human studies have shown results with 1-2 grams per serving and two tablespoons of Liquid BioCell for the day resulted in reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as improved lubrication in joints and healthier hair, skin, nails and teeth (1).

Why Modere Is Different

The first thing that makes Modere Collagen different is that it was designed as an HA Matrix that mimics the cellular struture of collagen in the body. Essentially providing the building blocks to rebuild and restore collagen levels in the body.

Second Liquid Biocell has been awarded for its effectiveness.

Modere Liquid BioCell Awards

  • 2020 Product Special Innovation, finalist – Pure Beauty Magazine
  • 2015 Reader’s Ingredient of the Year – NutraIngredients
  • 2015 Editor’s Pick – Remedies Magazine
  • 2015 Best Joint Health Supplement – SupplySide West Editor’s Choice Award
  • 2015 Anti-Aging Award – Taste for Life Magazine
  • 2011 Most Innovative Ingredient, finalist – Nutraceutical Business & Technology Award
  • 2011 Anti-Aging Feature Product – CBS
  • 2010 Anti-Aging Feature Product – Good Morning America
  • 2010 Anti-Aging Feature Product – Fox News
  • 2010 Best Bone & Joint Health Ingredient – Frost & Sullivan Award

Effects of Restored Collagen in the Body

Improved and restored hair, skin, nails, gums, teeth, muscle, and joint health may be observed after three to six months of regular collagen supplementation, but results vary between scientific studies. Depending on personal factors such as age, nutritional status, and overall health, results may take longer.


Liquid BioCell collagen from Modere is the cutting-edge of collagen nutritional supplements in cultivation, design, and delivery systems. Modere’s patented manufacturing strategies mean other supplements don’t hold a candle to their results. 

So for skin rejuvenation, joint pain relief, and healthy hair and nails, consider Liquid BioCell collagen supplements.


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