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Modere Shave Cream

Get a closer shave than you thought possible with our botanically enhanced formula. Featuring naturally derived gliding agents and decadent moisturizers for an effortless shave that’s as smooth as it is comfortable.


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Too often shaving can be a drying, irritating experience, but it doesn’t need to be. Perfect for both him and her, Modere Shave Cream makes it easy to get a closer, more comfortable shave every time. Our quintessential formula is packed with nourishing botanicals, including oat beta-glucans to protect your skin, aloe to gently soothe, ginger to minimize shaving irritation and shea butter to provide rich moisturization.

Get a close, effortless shave every time
Provides a protective moisturizing layer during and after shaving
Conditions and smooths skin with nourishing botanicals
Ginger extract minimizes shaving irritation
Ideal for both him and her with a natural, herbal-citrus fragrance
Clean-rinse formula doesn’t leave residue behind


Modere Shave Cream
Modere Shave Cream


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