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Modere Immune Health – Does It Work?

Modere Immune Health – Does It Work?

Modere is a company that has been in business for 30 years, starting with their first clean label product, a shampoo. They’re continuing their clean label legacy, with products ranging from household care to their lean body system.

If you’re new to Modere and aren’t familiar with the term clean label, it’s a move to make products with as few ingredients as possible. Clean label practice also means that the company uses ingredients that consumers recognize and consider to be wholesome. 

The key to a clean label product is using easy-to-recognize ingredients. There are no artificial additives or synthetic chemicals in a clean label product.

Modere are the winners of two awards in 2020. They are the 2020 NutraChampion, awarded by Nutraingredients for leadership in the collagen industry. Modere is also the winner of the 2020 “Green and Gorgeous” Editor’s Choice award by Pure Beauty Magazine for their CellProof Essentials.

The Product

Modere Immune Health helps you maintain a healthy immune system. This supplement has Echinacea in addition to seven herbs chosen because they’re known to have properties that target immune health. In addition to immune health, this product expands your antioxidant capacity so your body can combat more free radicals and provides circulatory and respiratory support.

You don’t have to worry about any dietary restrictions you may have. That shouldn’t be a problem with this supplement. Immune Health is keto-friendly, dairy-free, sugar-free, and vegan. Here is the list of the active ingredients:

  • Echinacea purpurea root extract: cold and flu prevention
  • Rosemary leaf extract: boosts the immune system
  • Thyme leaf extract: increases antioxidant capacity
  • Hyssop leaf extract: treats coughs
  • Hawthorn berry: helps the circulatory system
  • Irish moss thallus extract: reduces mucus
  • Mullein leaf: anti-inflammatory
  • Asian ginseng root: prevention of the flu

Studies on Ingredients

Now that you know what’s in the supplement, you might be curious how a blend of all of these things will support your immune system. Some of the ingredients you may already be familiar with, and others might be new to you. Continue reading to learn how everything will contribute to a more robust immune system or help you fight off a cold if you have one now.

Echinacea Purpurea Root Extract

Echinacea is commonly known to be suitable for cold and flu prevention. Its properties help the body fight viral infections like the common cold and flu by strengthening the immune system. You can often find Echinacea in over-the-counter cold and flu remedies, and you can also drink it as tea.

Rosemary Leaf Extract

Rosemary leaf extract is an abundant source of antioxidants, and it also has anti-inflammatory compounds. This ingredient will not only boost the immune system, but it will also make blood circulation better. Rosemary leaf extract is also known as a cognitive stimulant, which means improved memory recollection, alertness, and focus.

Hyssop Leaf Extract

This extract contains pinocamphone, a chemical known to help clear airways and treat coughs.

Irish Moss Thallus Extract

Irish moss is rich in potassium chloride, a substance known for its properties that work on congestion and reduce mucus. Irish moss also has antiviral and anti-bacterial properties that are beneficial when fighting off a cold or flu.

Mullein Leaf

Mullein leaf has four active compounds that work together to help the immune system:

  • Saponins: anti-inflammatory, relieves pain, and has anti-tumor properties
  • Flavonoids: antioxidant and anti-inflammatory
  • Phenylethanoid: glycosides that are anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and antioxidant
  • Iridoids: anti-inflammatory

Asian Ginseng Root

Asian ginseng root is another ingredient that you might be familiar with. This ingredient provides a boost of energy and sharper brain function. It’s another ingredient in this supplement that is an anti-inflammatory. Another benefit of Asian ginseng root is its ability to prevent influenza and respiratory syncytial virus.

Modere recommends you take this tablet twice a day, once in the morning and then again in the evening. The ingredients are a natural herbal complex formulated with seven targeted herbs and Echinacea for excellent immune health. As you can see when looking at the ingredients in this supplement, Modere is keeping true to its clean label reputation.

Real People Results

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find any testimonies from people who are taking this supplement. The lack of reviews may be a good sign because we all know that if something doesn’t live up to the company’s claim, dissatisfied customers will let the world know about it, and probably on more than one platform.

It may be that the product is still too new, or perhaps with all of the precautions taken due to the pandemic, it’s hard to know if it’s working or if your immune system is more robust because people are more diligent about their exposure to germs.

Either way, if you’re looking for a way to strengthen your immune system, it doesn’t hurt to give this product a try. Modere offers a 30-day 100% full refund guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your purchase. You’ll only be out of pocket for the cost you pay for shipping.

Does It Work?

Let’s answer the question that started the article. Does Modere Immune Health work? While we can’t speak from personal experience, it’s hard to believe that it wouldn’t work given the ingredients that Modere has put together in this tablet.

Modere has created this tablet to help you create a robust immune system and maintain it. The anti-inflammatory properties help to keep the body in a state where disease won’t quickly develop. There are ingredients to help eliminate mucous, fight off flu and cold virus, and open airways so you can breathe easier.

Modere Immune Health is a great supplement to take whether you currently have a cold or you want to strengthen your immune system to prevent a cold or flu from developing. If you’re taking prescribed medication, you should speak to your doctor before taking any supplements to ensure there aren’t any conflicts that would make your medication inert.


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